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USA, Canada & Mexico Roaming Data & Voice Prepaid SIM
Service Charge (HK$)
Face Value $268
Roaming Data Day Pass 1-13

Tethering Enabled
30-Day Pass Roaming Data
Designated destinations
Roaming Voice Call Free roaming voice call in USA, Canada and Mexico:
• 350 minutes applicable to receiving calls, making calls to Hong Kong
• 50 minutes applicable to making calls to China, Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Administration Fee $2 (Waived)
Validity (after activation) 30 Days
Terms & Conditions
  1. "Fair Usage Data Threshold" varies from customers to customers depending on the prepaid SIM card purchased, as specified on the relevant packing or our website. Please refer to "3Hong Kong Prepaid SIM Card Service Usage Policy and Fair Usage Policy for details.
  2. Once the Roaming Data Day Pass is successfully subscribed, the package charge will be deducted from the stored value instantly. An SMS confirmation will be sent to prepaid mobile number upon subscription. Roaming Data Day Pass will be terminated on the next day of package expired at 00:00 (Hong Kong time) automatically and there is no pro-rata calculation even the Pass is effective in the middle of the day.
  3. Once Data Roaming and Voice Day Pass is effective, the data Network Shield service will be activated and data roaming service is only applicable to designated destinations and networks. Designated operators may change from time to time.
  4. Roaming Data service will be terminated upon Day Pass termination. The remaining data usage will be forfeited at the same time.
  5. Usage of the Day Pass is subject to the coverage, system compatibility and other relevant conditions of the designated networks, which are subject to changes without prior notice. Please click here for details of destinations, operators list and Fair Usage Data Threshold.
  6. Day Pass shall not be applicable to usage on Peer to Peer (“PTP”). If usage is incurred from or by PTP including applications such as (but not limited to) BitTorrent, edonkey, flashget, foxy, ppstream, winmx, etc, or if there is any abusive or abnormal usage, 3HK shall have the right to forthwith terminate Daily Pass without prior notice. All commercial or illegal promotion activities via the use of Daily Pass shall be prohibited.
  7. Tethering availability depends on network operators in the destinations. 3HK does not restrict the use of tethering with Data Roaming Day Pass.
  8. Day Pass shall not be applicable to aircraft roaming/maritime roaming/satellite roaming.
  9. All charges and details (including but not limited to designated destinations and designated networks and their coverage) in respect of Data Roaming Day Pass service shall be subject to the final decision of 3HK, and 3HK shall seems necessary in its absolute discretion without priors notice. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, 3HK shall also reserve the right to accept, reject or otherwise terminate any customer's subscription of the Pass at any time as 3HK deems necessary in its absolute discretion.
  10. This card is for one-off use only, recharge is not applicable.
  11. 3G / 4G network is applicable to designated mobile device model only.
  12. 3HK reserves the right to change all charges without prior notice.
  13. All Roaming call charges will be based on 1-minute unit (less than 1-minute rounded up to the nearest 1-minute).
How To Use & Setting
When roaming in destination. Please insert this card into your handset for activation. Default Data Roaming Day Pass will be effective upon card activation.
Account Enquiry:[##107#] (check Stored Value and Mobile number)
APN Setting:
IOS: Go to "Setting" > "Mobile Networks" > "Mobile Data Options" > "Mobile Data Network" > Input "" in [APN] column of Mobile Data
Android: Go to "Setting" > "Mobile Networks" > Press [APN]> Press [New APN] Input "" in [APN] column
You will receive a short message from the system once the SIM is activated; displaying your assigned mobile number & total stored value.
If you are unable to access to data after completing the above steps, please try to reboot your handset / turn on "Mobile Data" and "Data Roaming" / ensure the APN and network setting is correct / "Fight mode" OFF.
Dialing methods
Dialing methods of roaming voice call in USA and Canada:
Call to Hong Kong +852 (Hong Kong Phone No.)
Make a local call Dial the local number directly
Make a selected destinations outgoing call +(Country Code) (Area Code) (Phone No.)
Dialing methods of roaming voice call in Mexico:
Call to Hong Kong Press **125*(8-digit HK phone no.) # SEND
Make a local call Press **125*(001) (Local Country Code) (Area Code)(Phone No.) # SEND
Make a selected destinations outgoing call Press **125*(001) (Country Code) (Area Code)(Phone No.) # SEND
After dialing, screen will display [Await ring back], the system will notify you by a call and when the phone rings, press [SEND]. You will hear a voice prompt and will then be connected to the other party’s line. (Airtime charge begins and will still be charged even if there is no answer from the other party or the line is busy).
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